In the last number of years the SMART repair industry has taken off. SMART stands for Small and Medium Area Repair Technique. It has reduced the need to always visit a traditional bodyshop for light repairs. SMART repairs can be undertaken at our bodyshop or can come to you to carry out the repairs.

SMART repairs can be used for range of problems including dents, bumper scuffs, scratches, stone chips and kerbed alloy wheels.

We also specialise in Interior SMART repairs for cars .repairing cigarette burns in seats, leather or cloth. Damage to door cards and dash boards or just repairing general wear and tear to your cars interior.

Why choose SMART repairs?

The benefits of SMART repairs are that they are usually cheaper than going to a traditional bodyshop, because only a small area has to be repaired. Don’t be put off by the low price, it dosen’t mean you get a low quality job; SMART repairs are just cheaper to carry out. There’s no need to pay for the whole side of your car’s body panels to be painted because of a dent in your door or a scratched bumper.

If you use our mobile Auto Smart Repair service we can come to you and fix your car at your home or place of work, so there’s hardly any inconvenience. SMART repairs are always completed on the same day as they’re started.

Another major benefit of SMART repairs is that due to the lower cost you might choose not to make a claim through your insurance. This means that you will not lose your No Claim bonus as the cost of the repair will be a lot less than the excess on your policy.

Hi I’m Ian Coleman and welcome to my web site.

I have been in the Automotive repair industry for over 20 years. For the first 10 years I have worked in the traditional Crash repair setting, Then I trained in Small and Medium Area Repair Technique S.M.A.R.T for short. Which I have specialised in for the last 10 years.

By using this method you not only reduce the impact to the originality of your car, but you also benefit from the savings as it is a much cost effective way of repairing your car. This repair technique can be carried out at your home or work place by one of our mobile units or brought to our work shop, whichever is more convenient.

Feel free to call me on 087 2204908 to get a free no obligation quote.

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