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Scratch Repair

Depending on the situation, sometimes a scratch can also cause a dent in the car panel. Auto Smart Repairs is fully equipped to deal with car dent scratch repair as well. We have an excellent team of panel beaters who will fix the auto panel first, then we will repair the scratch.

When it is time to fix the actual scratch, there are a number of different car paint scratch removers that our staff might use, depending on the situation. These are used to fill in the scratch, so that the area can be painted over, leaving a completely smooth finish.

When we have fixed the scratch, we will paint over it, so that you really cannot tell there was ever an issue to begin with. The paint we use is high quality, specifically designed for auto bodies, to give the smoothest finish. Our painters are very experienced, and will perfectly colour match the paint to the existing colour of your car.

This often involves mixing colours together to get the right shade, and ensuring that they find a paint with the right finish (matte, shiny, etc.). The painters have a keen eye for detail, and will work precisely to cover up the scratch completely.


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